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Company Name: Forwarding Condal S.A.
Name of Owner: Forwarding Condal S.A.
Address: C/ Rocafort, 241 6ª planta 8ª
City: Barcelona
Province: Barcelona
Postal Code: 08029
C.I.F./D.N.I.: A-59130807
Contact telephone no.: 933633570


This website provides access to information on the services provided by Forwarding Condal S.A. to any individuals or organisations interested in the same.


3.1.- Free access and use of the website.
Users will be able to access the website free of charge.
3.2.- User registration.
In general, users are not required to subscribe or register in order to access and make use of the website.


The language used by the website owner will be Spanish. Forwarding Condal S.A. will not be held liable for any failure on the part of the user to comprehend or understand the website language, nor the potential consequences of the same.
Forwarding Condal S.A. may, without prior notice, change the contents of the website, including deleting or modifying the contents of the same, and likewise how access is provided to the website, at its free will and without providing any justification, while accepting no liability for the consequences of the same for users.
The website contents may not be used to promote, engage or distribute advertising or information, whether proprietary or of third parties, without the authorisation of Forwarding Condal S.A., nor to use the services or information offered to users, regardless of whether it be used free of charge or not, to send advertising or information.
Any links or hyperlinks included by third parties in their websites that direct to this website will be intended to open the full web page, and may not state, directly or indirectly, false, inexact or confused indications, nor incur any damaging or illicit actions against Forwarding Condal S.A.


Both access to the website and any unauthorised use of the information contained in the same will be the sole and exclusive liability of the party making said use. Forwarding Condal S.A. shall not be held liable for any consequences or damages that may derive from said access or use. Forwarding Condal S.A. accepts no liability for any potential security errors, nor any damages that may be caused to users’ computer systems (hardware and software), or any files or documents stored on the same, as a result of:
– the presence of a virus on the computer utilised by the user to connect to the website services and content,
– browser malfunctioning,
– and/or use of outdated versions of the same.
Forwarding Condal S.A. shall not be held liable for the reliability and speed of hyperlinks included in the website that are intended to open other websites. Forwarding Condal S.A. does not guarantee the use of these links, nor will it be held liable for the contents or services that the user may access via said links, nor the proper functioning of said websites.
Forwarding Condal S.A. shall not be held liable for any viruses or other computer programmes that impair or may impair the systems or computer equipment of users when accessing its website, or other websites accessed via links from this website.


The website does not use cookies or any other kind of invisible procedures for gathering data while users browse the website, respecting at all times the confidentiality and privacy of the same.
*IF COOKIES ARE USED, SEE NOTICE ON USE OF COOKIES The website uses cookies. Our Cookies Policy is available to view, and data confidentiality and privacy is respected at all times.


All industrial and intellectual property rights associated with the website and its contents are the property of Forwarding Condal S.A. Any use of the website or its content must be exclusively for non-commercial use. Any other use that involves the copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action of all or part of the website contents is reserved exclusively for Forwarding Condal S.A. Therefore, no user may perform such actions without the prior and written authorisation of Forwarding Condal S.A.


Forwarding Condal S.A. guarantees the safeguarding and confidentiality of all personal data, of any kind, that clients provide to our companies, pursuant to the provisions of Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, on Personal Data Protection.
All data provided by our client businesses to Forwarding Condal S.A. or its personnel will be included in an automated personal data file created and maintained under the responsibility of Forwarding Condal S.A., as required to provide the services requested by users.
The data provided will be processed according to the Security Measures Regulation (Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December). In this regard, Forwarding Condal S.A. has implemented the legally required protection levels, and has installed all technical measures within its powers to avoid data loss, misuse, alteration, or unauthorised access by third parties. However, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable. Should it be deemed apposite for personal data to be transferred to other entities, the user shall be informed of the transferred data, the purpose of the file and the name and the address of the recipient of the transfer, to secure their unequivocal consent to the same.
In compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, users may assert their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To do so, they must contact us at


This Legal Notice shall be interpreted and governed by Spanish legislation. Forwarding Condal S.A. and users expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and shall submit to the courts and tribunals applicable to the user’s domicile for any dispute deriving from access to or use of the website. Should the user be domiciled outside of Spain, Forwarding Condal S.A. and the user expressly waive any other jurisdiction and shall submit to the courts and tribunals applicable to the domicile of Forwarding Condal S.A.